Provides a mechanism that can be deployed directly to the cloud-based service for partners of Six Apart-like (ProNet) like,
WEB is a production business support platform.


The cloud platform on Movable Type and Salesforce are fused, consistent manner (to delivery from prospective customer acquisition) management process of site production business, (such as purchase and the expected value of the customer) rating scale, the (cloud and CMS) technology in available.

For short Business process as a Service, service in the cloud that incorporates the handling of the software in the business processes, are also known as BaaS. And, was achieved (UNITE) integrated core competence of the three most recent in a company to put yourself in the WEB production business "CMS", "cloud", and "business process" is the Six Apart UNIBaaS.

The role of our

Accept work request calls from Salesforce (such as MT environment created) , to the environment of the IaaS IDCF And such , do (task execution , such as deploying the MT) processing to perform tasks Has been responsible for the development mechanism that connects between the IDCF and Salesforce, support on the back end UNIBaaS service .


Optimal execution of workflow
In order to advance quickly multiple tasks , we have to run in combination to suit your needs the parallel processing and sequential processing .
Retry processing and status check
It is designed to put the process of performing a retry several times when the task fails , so as to increase the reliability of task execution .
Also, by creating a control panel you can see the processing status in real time , we have to be able to immediately see where the error and progress of the task happened UNIBaaS administrator .
Client Six Apart, Ltd.
Six Apart UNIBaaS
Language / Library Java, SpringBatch

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