Construction, maintenance and operation of a high-capacity server, using AWS


Previously, we operated a configuration of dedicated server and multiple servers by renting them. However, depending on certain timing and when an article was posted on Yahoo!, access would suddenly spike and the servers would go down. Thus, we received comments from clients on the desire to be able to efficiently view the site without it going down even during sudden jump in access, and we proposed an architecture that could handle an explosion in access by using AWS. The architecture changes daily since it was first composed. As AWS extends its services, the architecture has been improved, and new frameworks have been incorporated. Maintenance services are being carried out so that stable services could be provided.

AWS Environment EC2、S3、ELB、RDS、ElastiCache、CloudFront、 SNS、CloudWatch、Route53、AutoScaling
Point High-performance architecture that can handle smooth browsing without the system going down when there are sudden spikes in access
Role of our company Direction, server design/architecture, management program, operational maintenance
Production period about 3 months